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GAMA Business Travel has grown into a global corporate travel agency by following a simple formula: Placing our clients' needs first and never compromising on service. We've built our business on a foundation of customer service and the following core principles:

   • Savings, Reporting & Benchmarking – We aggressively seek ways to maximize savings for our clients. Using both
      traditional and nontraditional strategies, not only do we deliver savings, we prove it through extensive reporting
      and benchmarking.

   • Uncompromised Service & Reliability – Our experienced and attentive travel consultants work tirelessly to provide
      our clients with insight, expertise, and access to the travel services they need at the best possible prices. With detailed
      account profiles, 24/7 service, and a team of travel analysts working on your behalf, GAMA Business Travel is
      committed to uncompromised service and reliability. Where other agencies stop, we're just getting started.

   • Transforming Travel Technologies – From traditional GDS systems and innovative software that allows us access to
      better availability and lower fares, to customized tools that support your company's reservations, enforce its travel
      policies, monitor contracts, and manage profiles, our travel technologies are transforming managed business travel.
      We even offer remote access to travel systems via mobile, handheld, and PDA devices.

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