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With businesses around the world expanding their reaches to the far corners of the globe, they look to GAMA to improve control over their travel programs. We provide innovative and comprehensive options to our clients and travelers creating the perfect environment for a streamlined approach to travel management. We give you the tools needed to track everything from expenditures down to flights.

Our state of the art online booking tools are matched to your travel program to encompass your needs. We work with you to customize the online Booking Site, so your program matches existing travel policies. This gives you a hands off approach, with controls built in to match your corporate directives. Our focus is to assist you with increasing online adoption while simultaneously decreasing the amount of support needed from our travel consultants. In the end, this will reduce the costs of transactions as well as, develop a self service environment streamlining the travel process. With programs that are pure Online Booking Sites to Expense Management/Online Booking platforms GAMA has the answer for you.

Keeping track of travel expenses are one of the main reasons companies hire Travel Management Companies. In today’s marketplace, it is important that you have the resources necessary to guide you on this quest. GAMA tracks and compiles your data to give you up to date reporting on all aspects of travel.

GAMA can provide you with Daily, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly reports, assisting you in managing your companies travel from start to finish. We will review the results with you and consult with you on ways to improve your travel program. In today’s constantly changing world, we recognize that it is important to keep up with or lead your competitor’s in every way. GAMA provides our clients with access to the best benchmarking tools on the market today. Giving you insight into how your company stacks up against another in a similar industry, as well as grades you on how you measure against your own travel policies, tracking spending in every way from advance bookings to lowest ticket price.

GAMA has made great strides in its ability to offer the very lowest prices available. We can do this through our valuable re-pricing strategy. All tickets booked through GAMA are searched for identical seats at lower prices. Once a seat becomes available GAMA will reissue the ticket at the new price saving our clients money. The surprised responses we receive daily from our clients when their tickets have been re-priced, is more proof that we are making a difference.

In a country where 82% of Americans own cell phones it is as important, if not more important to be able to provide great mobile technology options to business travelers. GAMA has applications available for travelers to track their flights, receive up to the minute travel alerts, and/or document their expenses all from their smart phone or computer. When 60% of mobile phone users have downloaded and used a travel-related smart-phone application we take notice.

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