GAMA Business Travel Testimonials

Dear Laura (and GAMA Travel),

I would like to express my appreciation and gratitude for all your help getting us set up with the RESX system for booking our travel. Your entire team has gone above and beyond to ensure our experience lives up to our expectations.

I appreciate the availability and accessibility of your team not only during normal hours but after hours as well. I needed to change flights this past weekend for one of our travelers and I was worried I would not get his Sunday flight changed. I called and was on hold for just a few seconds when I was able to talk to a person. They asked if it was alright to call me back in 5 minutes or less, which they did and took care of my flight changes at that time. This was a great relief to not only me but to our traveler!

Laura, I would like to thank you for your time and efforts with helping roll out this program to all of our travelers. The feedback I received was all positive, they are expressing that this will make looking at possible travel itineraries easier to search and to save the search for getting the required approvals.

This is going to relieve so much of my time I may be able to book a vacation for myself!


Brenda Gebhardt
Purchasing/Travel Manager

From: Ronit Barr
Subject: Why GAMA

Because the staff is professional
Because the management is professional
Because they never say never
Because they believe in technology
Because they know what technology is all about
Because they believe in service
Because they go the extra mile to give the service
Because they are there 24/7
Because they think about the day after …
Because I can sleep better at night as I can count on them …
Because they strive for excellence
Because I am always the customer ( and I am always right ;o) )

Ronit Barr
Director, Global Travel
NICE Systems

GAMA Travel,

I have spent the past 15 yrs in the travel industry. Some of this time was spent with the largest travel agencies in the industry. When I began working with Amdocs I was somewhat skeptical on what a smaller agency could provide. Over my time working with GAMA Travel I am consistently pleased on the services provided. With travel expenses rising within a volatile industry, GAMA comes through with some of the best pricing I have seen. When problems arise, which can be frequent in travel, GAMA steps up with fast service and quick resolution to problem situations. Their agents and company structure are flexible to the ever changing needs of the divisions within our company. Overall I am very pleased GAMA’s performance.

David LaMarque Smith
Travel Manager (North America)

I have been managing travel for a privately held company for over 20 years. In that time the travel industry has changed dramatically, necessitating the need for sharp, cost effective, creative travel strategies. Having been recommended to GAMA Travel by someone who used them for individual business travel, I was somewhat concerned that they would not be able to handle the scope of our needs and demands of our travelers. However, I was impressed with the fares they were able to get so I decided to give them an opportunity to win our business. 10 years (and counting) later, the only company I know that will go the extra "mile", think outside the box, and come back to me with prices that are competitive, is GAMA.

Laurie Wolfert
Corporate Travel Manager
Military Car Sales, Inc

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